I first developed my love for photography when I had my daughter eight years ago. I bought my fist DSLR camera when she was two. I started a personal blog for close family and friends and began to use my camera with no knowledge of how to actually use it. I became frustrated with not being about to capture the pictures or style I wanted and decided not pursue it as a career. I met my now husband and he saw my passion for photography and insisted I get back into it. He continued to tell me I was gifted and to go for my dream. I shrugged his comments aside and went on with life. About two years later he continued to ask why I wasn't pursing my passion. He surprised me with the editing software and a fancy news lens. Okay so now I had to give it a try one more time. After giving birth to my son my drive was sparked again. Along with a very dear friend of mine who also pushed me to move forward, I often need to be pushed or shoved! Here I am now living out my dream job capturing moments and memories to last a lifetime.